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History of San Pedro Flycasters Club

After some 18 years of residence in Flagstaff and numerous years associated with Northern Arizona Flycasters, John Marvin retired and moved to Sierra Vista in 2000. John began to lay out some casts for folks interested in the fine sport of fly fishing.  By hook or crook, a couple of local trout bums, namely Pat Richards and Rick Weisberg, rose to the surface and took the fly. The trio of fly fishing aficionados decided to put on a special event for the citizens of the Sierra Vista community in an effort to generate enough interest for the creation of a new fly fishing club.
The successful Fly Fishing Expo, held on November 2, 2000, was advertised as “an informative and entertaining event that will explore the dynamics of Arizona Fly Fishing. This program will demonstrate a variety of activities including Fly Casting (John Marvin), Rod Building (Pat Richards), and Fly Tying (Rick Weisberg).  Also, a colorful slide presentation will expose the wonders of fly fishing for wild trout within the bowels of the Grand Canyon National Park.”

The purpose of the Fly Fishing Expo was stated as, “to initiate a gathering of Sierra Vista and Cochise County residents with mutual recreational interests.” The special event led to the establishment of the San Pedro Flycasters Club (SPFC) with John Marvin as the first club president.  The March, 2001 listing for Members and Non-members displays 37 entries. The 2015 listing of members was 52 individuals and 9 families.